Central Minnesota AHEC Student Receives Leadership Award From The National Gerontological Nursing Association

Posted by admin on March 27, 2012 in Education, Students

As Baby Boomers age and the population continues to live longer, the need for healthcare professionals with expertise in caring for the elderly is becoming increasingly important. That importance was recognized by Melinda Thompson, a nursing student at Minnesota State University Moorhead, who recently received the Student Leadership Award from the National Gerontological Nursing Association.

The award will pay the registration fee for the 2012 Gerontological Nursing Association Convention. It is given to a graduate or undergraduate nursing student who shows potential for success in their field.

Thompson first became interested in caring for older adults after working as a CNA.

“Aging is inevitable, but I believe it can be done successfully,” says Thompson. “As a nurse I plan to promote wellness for older adults while holistically evaluating their individual needs and supporting their optimal level of functioning, thereby improving their quality of life.”

Thompson also recognized that because of the increasing number of older patients needing care, no matter what area of nursing she chose, working with the elderly would likely be a part of that.

Thompson suggests that others who have an interest in caring for the elderly take advantage of conferences like the one she is planning to attend. After attending the same conference last year, Thompson’s passion for caring for the elderly really took hold.

“I really enjoyed attending the National Gerontological Nurses Association convention in 2011. I met so many interesting people that were all excited about nursing and caring for the older adult. This conference really energized me. I would suggest all nurses and nursing students to attend a conference in their area of interest.”